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Manufactured Solutions

Your Trusted Tent Manufacturer

In addition to a full line of special occasion and party rentals, A&B Tent Rental also has the ability to manufacture custom products to meet virtually any need. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities means we can create fully customized tent tops, side walls and custom pieces for temporary, semi-permanent and permanent solutions including open-air structures.



We’ve created structures for corporate events, tradeshows, drive-thru operations, covered patios to extend restaurant seating, canopies and walkways between buildings and mote. Call us to inquire as to how we can help extend your business footprint and maximize your revenue with additional space.


Need a unique sized solution for your private residential event? We can help! Our team will do a site visit to review the space, measure and outline any obstacles prior to presenting a solution for your needs.

Construction / Commercial

We specialize in custom sized solutions for your temporary construction site. Whether it’s for storage, office space or a temporary structure while you build, let A&B design a solution for your needs so your project can be on time and on budget.

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