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Life is a celebration! We are here to make your event or commercial need our top priority. A&B is a full-service special event & party rental provider in Akron, Canton and Cleveland area supplying everything you need from start to finish including tents, tables, chairs, flooring, linens, and more. Our professional sales team and event staff will work with you to create your dream event or provide a solution to your commercial needs.


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A&B has the perfect tent for your wedding, event or business needs, including all-weather structures and extended dining options, sheltered walkways and canopies. Our tent rentals also serve to support various COVID relief efforts and are useful for drive thru vaccination locations, testing centers, temporary medical enclosures and more.

Not sure what style or size tent you need?  Fill out the contact form below and let our expert team recommend the perfect tent for your wedding, event or business needs.

A&B can help you select the right tent to match any size or style of outdoor event. We offer a wide range of tenting options to match your event needs, and keep your guests comfortable. Our inventory of tents and structures, along with construction tents, is ever-growing. From frame tents, to pole tents, to manufactured solutions, our tents can accommodate every custom layout and function.



Pole tents require staking to anchor and generally are placed in grassy areas and are secured down with 3' metal stakes, driven into the ground approximately 2 feet. They can also be set on asphalt or gravel, but please note an additional 10% fee will be charged. Pole tents require center poles and side poles that must sit on a flat surface.

Color Options Available:

• Red and White

• Blue and White

• Red and Gray

• Purple and White

• Yellow and White

• White

• Green, Red and White

• Red, White and Blue

• And many more!

Ask about our professional CAD layouts to assist in your party set up!

Frame Tents

Frame tents are manufactured on an aluminum frame structure and are places on concrete or other areas that cannot be staked. The structure is created from round tube aluminum and steel and the tent fabric is attached to the frame.  The framework carries the load and the fabric merely acts as a weather barrier. Frame tents generally are smaller, ranging in size from 100 square feet to 3.200 square feet and are secured with concrete weights.

Color Options Available:

• White

Ask about our professional CAD layouts to assist in your party set up!



We offer many different types of tables to fit your needs. Whether the event is big or small, indoor or outdoor, fancy or informal, business or social, A&B can help. Choose from standard height and high-top seating options, as well as serpentine tables and bars with toppers.



Prices reflect customer setup and tear down. Services can be arranged for the following charges:

• Setup: 20% of equipment cost

• Tear down: 20% of equipment cost

Chair covers available. Please call for more information: 330-724-7324

Flooring & Stage


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Dance Floor
• All dance floors come with beveled edging around entire perimeter.
• For indoor and outdoor use.

Additional flooring options:

Green Turf   |   $.30 sq/ft

Black Turf   |   $.30 sq/ft

Red Carpet (9' wide)   |    $.55 sq/ft

Red Carpet Runner (3' x25' )   |   $35.00




Additional staging equipment:

Deluxe Steps for Stage with Rail (24" or higher)   |   $40.00

Wood Step for Stage   |   $9.00

Safety Rails 3'h x 4'w   |   $10.00

Recommended for stages taller than 32"


Pipe and Drape

8' Tall Drape   |   $2.50 ln/ft


8' Tall Section Drape (adjusts from 6-10' long)   |   $21.00

Customer install

3' Tall Drape   |   $1.95 ln/ft


3' Tall Section Drape (adjusts from 6-10' long)   |   $15.95

Customer install



Contact us for details about our linen options.

Call for pricing 330-724-7324



Additional Items
Lighting and Electrical

String Globe Lights   |   $30.00

10-40 watt bulbs, extends to 50' drop off

String Globe Lights   |   $50.00

10-40 watt bulbs, extends to 50' installed

Adjustable Strip Spot Lights   |   $10.00

3-50 watt bulbs

Par 56 Can Lights   |   $17.50

Optional colored gel - 300 watt bulb

Single Lantern Pedestal 7' tall   |   $25.00

100 watt bulb

Single Globe Pedestal 4'8" tall   |   $20.00

60 watt bulb

Disco Ball with Rotator   |   $25.00

Above prices reflect customer install

Customized installed light packages available upon request

Small Designer Bubble Light 15" diameter (installed)   |   $30.00

Medium Designer Bubble Light 18" diameter (installed)   |   $45.00

Large Designer Bubble Light 24" diameter (installed)   |   $60.00

Designer bubble lights have white bulbs

Custom color bulbs available

Crystal Chandelier (installed)   |   $200.00

10-60 watt candlelight’s

Pedestal Fan 30" (oscillating)   |   $25.00

100' Extension Cord   |   $15.00

50' Extension Cord   |   $10.00

Dimmer Switch   |   $10.00

Food Service

30-55 Cup Percolator (requires electric)   |   $15.00

60-100 Cup Percolator (requires electric)   |   $20.00

40 Quart Igloo Cooler   |   $5.00

60 Quart Black Wheeled Legged Cooler   |   $25.00

“Chill Table” Insulated (6'x30"x4" on 30" legs)   |   $35.00

Charcoal Grill 2'x5'x4" on Wheeled Legs   |   $40.00

Display and Wedding

White Plastic Stanchion with 10' Chain   |   $5.00

Podium with Sound   |   $75.00

White Vinyl Laminate Pillar Column 2'   |   $4.00

White Vinyl Laminate Pillar Column 3'   |   $6.00

White Vinyl Laminate Pillar Column 4'   |   $8.00

White Vinyl Laminate Pillar Column 5'   |   $10.00

White Vinyl Laminate Pillar Column 6'   |   $12.00

White Vinyl Laminate Pillar Column 8'   |   $14.00

Fire It Up!

Mushroom/Patio Heater 40,000 (requires propane)   |   $55.00

Furnace with Ductwork   |   $100.00

Diffuser and thermostat 170,000 BTU

Furnace requires electric and minimum 100lb propane tank

Fire Extinguisher   |   $15.00

20lb Propane   |   $40.00

40lb Propane   |   $80.00

100lb Propane   |   $200.00

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